Wednesday, April 09, 2014

not what I think but what I see. from here. and now.

 undiscovered nest

 goat and violets

 senecio (rag wort)
I swear I take this photo every year.  This year's photo of coltsfoot, however, wasn't in focus!

 coon trap stands sentry

 girl weeds then puts manure on raspberries

 fava beans

The time of year I call All Hope and No Weeds and the thing that makes me laugh at people who tell me what all they are going to have in their garden.  Honey, you don't ever know.

 peach blossoms

 sun and sky shine in the willows

forest weavings


clairesgarden said...

I miss having a garden, its like an itch...

CG said...

This garden is not and has never been "mine". I certainly could not ever aspire to such as this one. But when was young and living in an apartment by myself, I had a freezer and put up green beans and apples. I'd have a garden, yes. Everyone should.