Sunday, June 19, 2011

Secret Ingredients

I have some odd ideas about nutrition, even if I don't think they are quite so odd. Like, I don't like dead water -- my water (or anyone else's water) that comes from a spring that a frog can live (and pee) in is infinitely preferable to me than dead, chlorinated or irradiated water without stuff living in it. When we have cucumbers, we leave them on the counter and eat and eat and eat them -- I call that cucumber chemotherapy. We do that sort of thing with a lot of seasonal foods, and only preserve some of each as treats.

Today we picked gooseberries to make fried pies as a Father's Day treat. We "clean" them which is mostly try to de-stem them so there isn't something in the filling that can't be chewed. But the little black flower is still on the other end, and I'm quite sure some stems make it in too. And who knows what the heck is in there so good for you that will never ever be identified by science. Who knows what cancer is eradicated by the eating of those delicious fried pies?

We got some broccoli the other day from a local truck farmer. It hadn't been cooled well and some flowered. We ate it and put it up anyway. Who knows what those flowers offer you? I was quite pleased with that broccoli, actually -- it had plenty of worms in it! Corn and broccoli and cabbage and the like that doesn't have worms? Something is wrong with it!


Alcyone said...

I think all of my food has worms in it and I haven't figured out how to get to the broccoli before it flowers - NOW - how's that for culture shock reversal in just a few years? The stuff in the supermarket is not only starting to look a bit weird but I'm also a wee bit put off by it (which is also not a good thing)

CG said...

the really bad part is I got a bag for my MIL to share with my SIL (because these are really a lot of broccoli) and . . . I think she threw it away. It was likely the worms. I should know better than to try . . .