Friday, July 01, 2011

a quick tour

Supper! Really, about a third of this cabbage, along with carrots and onion also from our garden, made slaw for 6 hungry people!

Planting fall beets. Precision technique.

Onions bulbing.

A cucumber plant still trying, and some purslane and a yellow dock.

Beans in the white corn.

Acorn squash between the sunflowers and the potatoes, all nicely hilled.

The red corn, and as always it is punier than the white but it generally does fine. Even though we replanted there are still some gaps (we didn't thin this but we sure did thin the white corn) so hills of squash are being planted in the gaps.

So there is some of it. The pitcher pump in the center of the garden recently got rehabbed so that is quite nice to have easy access to water again (when valves don't seal anymore . . . but our friend put one silicone valve in and soaked the other one in silicone for days until it was permeated so hopefully it is now good for some years -- and it is good to have skillful and resourceful and generally useful friends).

The thing is, it is never all done. And it doesn't have to be. But it sure is nice to have all the whole rectangle garden hilled! Woohoo for us. But we really need to clean out the fruit.


Alcyone said...

I just noticed yesterday that the purslane has completely vanished from the property. This is seriously weird. Or not? It was everywhere and not it's just not. I didn't weed it (I ate it but not ALL of it!), I don't use any sort of chemical and so I'm not sure where it might have gone. It was prolific. Maybe it will come back.

CG said...

It grows on disturbed soil . . . or maybe Simon ate it?