Friday, May 01, 2009

Spring Auction

That's the scene when you walk up outside at the fairgrounds for the Draft Horse and Mule Auction, spring edition. Lots of trailers, lots of trucks, lots of people, lots of horses. Most but not all of the people have on hats. All of the "real" people have on appropriate footwear. It is your footwear that gives you away. Interesting.

Isn't that a pretty pair? They were a Percheron/Spotted Draft cross but neither came out spotted.

This is taken exactly at my eye level; my attempt to provide perspective as to how big these good ole boys were.

A mule for my daughter. There was also the cutest little yearling mule there with four white socks. But in the end, I always go for the classic mule look.

This is Betty Sue if anyone remembers her from her being here a few years ago. My neighbor had bred her, foaled her, her baby died, he sold her, the new owner foaled her, she didn't catch this year so she's at the auction for sale. I think she remembered me, I swear I do.

Now, this little mare is also in that first photo up there. She's a Percheron cross (it didn't say with what but something not too big, my first guess would be quarter horse) and she's in foal to a big Thoroughbred. I'm always a sucker for the pregnant mares, the two for one deal and if I were to pick one I wanted to buy before they went up for sale, she'd be it.

Not all the horses looked this good. A few were skinny. So many needed some work done on their feet. And since they won't sell horses until Saturday, most of the ones for sale aren't even there yet.

I had a mission this year. My horse has lost some weight as he's aged and I needed to get a smaller collar. I knew I only had enough money for a used bargain one but I was quite shocked at the rise in price of the new ones since I bought mine. Like double or triple. Leather has done this too, partly because environmental regulation has made it pretty impossible to tan leather on any scale anymore. I'm all for the environment but I think we should think about some of this stuff twice. And don't get me started on the stupidity of the slaughter legislation.

This is my friend Billy. I grew up with him. His horse's name back then was Rex, a big grey racker who could park out, hoo boy. Billy's girlfriend's horse was Teardrop. My best friend's horse was Honey. They were all such good horses and good times. Billy helped me critique the available collars of the appropriate size and I got a good deal without even having to bid. Man, you had to bid fast today if you were going to get in so I was glad to not have to do it although I did have my number.

Next we'll have to see how it fits.


Mickle in NZ said...

I so hope the collar fitted Duke. he will continue to look so handsome and be comfortable with a new collar.

The horses most like Dukes" type here are Clydesdales, or breed from them.

I know nowt about horses, but i do remeber huge Clydesdale horses, fully harnessed to work as a foursome or more when my Folks took self and older sister to a place here called Maramarua - has a museum of traction engine engines.. and many traction engines would turn up on the day.

I loved watching the one set up to thresh the hay/straw.

A huge band (probably with rubber in it) was set up between the engine and the threshing machine - with a single twist in the band to stop it from slipping off.

Meanwhile there would be rides offered on a wagon pulled by glorious Clydesdale Horses.

And Dad explaining the huge steam engines to his two daughters. Left us each with a love of traction engines (steam and coal powered)

Sincere apologies for rambling and raving on your blog comments for so long.

Contrary Goddess, you bring back such happy thoughts for me, so often. And such inspiration for living in the now.

i hope you have enough water supplies now for you to enjoy a good bath. Pleae enjoy for me as well - I only have a shower.

Hope your Spring continues to encourage you all, your veggie garden will be wonderful, and I will see from well afar, and send posutive growing thoughts etc.... via the moon.

Michelle in Wellington, NZ. PS Hope the goats are doing well for you.

I still ove traction engines

Mickle in NZ said...

And one day Mickle will proof read her comments. Hope all works out as you want with cow, possible other cow and any calves that may come.

Kind thoughts and happy wishes for you, and your family,

Michelle in Wellington, NZ, xxx and loud purrrumbles from my tabby cat, Zebby, purrrrumbling.

CG said...

thank you ever so much for your rambling comments, and your memories, and for the laugh -- comments should NEVER be proofed!