Saturday, March 11, 2006

Betty Sue

Betty Sue is a young Belgian mare that I am training for a neighbor. On my farm.

My dream.


Come true.

horse trading

He just called me and said, will you come get this horse and work with her? And about 6 hours later, she was here. He harnessed her, we hitched her to a stone boat and she pulled it, me and a hundred weight feed the couple miles between his farm and ours. She was fine with the traffic (what there is out here, although there was a huge piece of equipment that went by) and didn't blink going over even the wooden bridge.

For the umpteenth time since we've been a family, here we go. I am so excited. I cannot even tell you.

The second thing Betty Sue and I are going to work on is her lead technique. He trained her to lead by tying her to his truck so she expects to be pulled along. The first thing we have already worked on is catching her in the field. She's a bit nervous and has a bit too much go-go in her until she is tired, so I'll try to put a good stop on her and calm her a bit. I'll play some (later) with hooking her in a pair with my gelding. But right now they are playing equine pecking order around the new bale of hay.

This is gonna be so much fun.

she meets the gang

This is the real thing. Hoo0000OOOOT!


madcapmum said...

You fresh-faced thing! You're looking pretty darned pleased with yourself! And you're out in a T-shirt in the middle of March. No wonder you look pleased.

clairesgarden said...

she looks lovely, I know you'll put in some hard work and make her a fabulous horse,

the Contrary Goddess said...

You caught that self-satisfied look, huh, MadCap!?!

And yes, the weather has been lovely -- it is actually supposed to hit 80 maybe today. The weather here is totally changeable this time of year, back and forth.

And Claire, ole Betty is rather nice actually. Nice long legs and rather well put together if a bit light in the limbs -- which maybe work will help.

My brain is filled with ideas -- oh, I'll do this, I'll work on this this way. But make no mistake, not a bit of it is work to me -- it is bread and meat and air to me. I'm actually not going to hook her for awhile but work on settling her out, gaining her trust, teaching her a good whoa -- everything with no load to pull. And also hopefully putting some weight on her without making her too "hot".

Did I mention my neck is actually really red right now -- too much sun from working in the gardens Friday and with Betty Saturday! Time to make butter and cheese today.

Parrothead said...

SIL, I can "feel" your happiness, excitement via your words! I'm excited for you. The fourth pic down says it all I think: "Peace. Love. Happy."

Love You, Miss You All...

the Contrary Goddess said...

I thought of you, and bro too. I've got some pics of the kids to send to you but I'm not at the right computer. LOVE YOU!

diana said... sure looks like you found your little bit of heaven on earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Enjoy, as I KNOW you will!!
Love ya,

the Contrary Goddess said...

Well diana, as our old friend Sam said, "I know a little girl who knows more than God about horses." That may not be quite so, but close I hope. Love ya girl!

WonderSoul said...

I know how much happiness is in you because of this!

sammy_bunny said...

Betty Sue - Draft horses (and mules) just have the best names!

clairesgarden said...

you look so happy in your photograph with Betty-Sue, but the worst thing about training horses is having to give them back, I havent been near a horse for a bout 5 years now because of that, but I do miss them.