Tuesday, April 14, 2009

on a recent sunny morning

hen laying in nest box

hens dusting and preening

grass growing
(my favorite)
(and see the cow way back there?)


fiddleheads and jewel weed seedlets

spinach bed
(this will soon be harvest-able)

onions backed by heal all blooming

wise old sage plant

turnips backed by music garlic
(thanks to my friend who gave us that bulb those years ago)

seedling bed

blueberries mulched & peach trees blooming

Appalachian Blue and Green


Madcap said...

You've got me all flustered with those chicken-pictures! We're finally getting our chickens, THIS SPRING! (Which is to say, around the end of May hereabouts.) Our local hatchery supplies Buff Orpingtons, so we'll probably go with those for now.

I'm a little jealous of your warm, growing weather, but not too much, because we're in the midst of moisture here right now and I'm pretty glad of that, too.

Congratulations on all your green and feathery things!

CG said...

Ah, MC, congrats on the chicks. I can't believe the hatchery only does one type of chick! The gold one fluffing herself is either a buff or a buff crossed with araucana, but she looks to be full buff. We had no success hatching last year and are expecting new chicks the first part of May -- more araucanas and our first experience with New Hampshire Reds. They will be straight runs so we'll be eating most but not all of the roosters. Just processed a few of our excess roosters during my haiku phase! I know I should do some of the older hens by the fall.

T.J. said...

Just gorgeous - thanks so much for sharing! It'll help take the edge off when we have 3-4 more days of snow next week!

Anonymous said...

I'd like to join in on that dusting and preening. It IS spring and maybe that's what I've been needing after all!