Friday, April 17, 2009

Plow Day

just almost the very last furrow

We’ve been wondering if it was ever going to get dry enough. Which, after years of drought is a wonder that no one complains about. Still. Middle of April and we hadn’t plowed. The dogwoods are not out yet so it is not time to plant the hard corn, but it is a little late for potatoes. Not that potatoes don’t just sit there and stare at you for a couple of weeks when you plant them early, and can be some in danger of rot or mice or, if they do decide to grow, frost damage. Still. It felt behind.
nearly the whole field

I had not thought we’d get it all plowed so quickly. Not that it is that large. But last year, while we did it all in a day, we started in the morning and finished in the evening, giving the horse a large break in the middle and I remember him being tuckered from the effort.

This year I’d recruited my younger daughter to ride the horse every day she could, slowly increasing the distance, and she’s been doing that, oh, probably about a month, maybe more. He did so well and I am so proud of him and of her. He is so big that just hauling his large self around is taxing (our plowing doesn’t require much of a pull) and a month of walking the hills and when I’d stop to let him blow at the end of a row, he’d be shaking the lines saying he was ready to go.

Donkey, by the way, was not winded at all.

While daughter was getting him in shape, younger son also decided he was a good horse rider. So he rode some today and also took his turn as assistant plowman. The girls took the opportunity to weed out the strawberry bed. And everyone played in the creek of course. Including, after we were all done, the horse.

Meantime the dog found the cool of a deep furrow

and one of the cats kept a running commentary from the cool of the road.

It was an exceedingly pleasant and productive day. We were well pleased with it and ourselves.

all photos for this day taken by elder son.


annetteinalaska said...

I know my feelings are decidedly "not useful" on several different levels, but I do so envy you all for that dance you're doin'.

Beautiful work!

CG said...

it is just motivation Annette, motivation.

Mickle in NZ said...

A day of wonderful achievements. It must be a great pleasure to look at the results at the end of such a day.

Duke looks magnificient, the dog was happy and the cat was... a typical cat!

Pleased that Duke got to enjoy the stream too.

Bestest wishes and caring huggles, Mickle in NZ

Mickle in NZ said...

Stream here = Creek for you.

Donkey looks to have had a good time supervising, even if Donkey was either facing the wrong way or more than a bit behind you all.

What a wonderful day you had!

CG said...

we have streams too, although creek (or crick) is a more familiar term. We also have "branches" and all sorts of other things related to running water! LOL! And donkey was funny all day. And dog caught a rabbit early on. And you are very right, at the end of that sort of day, it is a very good thing. And you string a few of those days together and you get potatoes in muck tubs in your kitchen the next winter. Useful. Worthy. Not day after day of -- what is it people fill their days with?