Sunday, July 13, 2008

a few photos

The eggs have slowed down from their spring high production, but blueberry waffles (blueberry oatmeal, blueberry pancakes, etc.) are a welcome addition to the breakfast choices.

A pile of cucumbers. I love the summer glut of these, and that they simply don't exist at other times of the year.

The first ripe tomato. Sorry about the focus but the tomato was gone and I couldn't take another photo!

The first mess of green beans. These are white half runners. We pressured them (5 min.) with the rest of the pot filled with new potatoes. A side of corn bread, maybe a side of slaw and that's a zero-miles meal.


laura said...

yum, looks sooo good. i'm excited about the cukes too. seems like they're just starting to really come in. just enough for a few each day. so yummy.

Alecto said...

I lust. You know I do.