Sunday, September 04, 2005


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Not the best photo but my favorite of the pig.

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Cow with her attendant rooster. She usually has three hens in addition to him.
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Goats. Cow and head goat are belled and it is music most sublime. It gives you an amazing amount of information -- where they are, often what they are doing, even their mood.
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Chickens in the coop going to sleep.

In other critter news, daughter #2 found a itty bitty skink yesterday. Daughter #1 let it escape in the house where it went under the fridge and couldn't be coaxed out. This morning I found a cricket and put it outside which reminded daughter #1 that #1 son had found skink last night. It was on the bed, on the pillow, right beside my deeply snoozing head.

It was released this morning, along with the tomato eating turtle. The turtle had its new name, Tomato, painted on its side. The other day our mail carrier phoned to say he'd found a turtle in the road with a name painted on it, and he figured it was ours and wanted to let us know! It was the second we'd found way earlier this year, and only the second one we've found twice.

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eatmisery said...

That turtle wants to be with you. How funny.