Sunday, September 04, 2005


Where the rubber meets the road.

One of my friends spent the past week doing this. More than 400 feet collapsed at once. Mine fatalities are blessedly more rare these days but still awfully rough. They usually make the news but what with Katrina I hadn't heard of this one even on local stations. Rescue and recovery is sort of like the marines -- no one left behind.

Two other friends are leaving today, donating their truck, their trailer, themselves as drivers and workers, and the gas to haul it, to take a tractor trailer load of water (that a church bought, at cost, from a local food distributor) to Mississippi.

So Sam and Linda and Bill, you are my heros. I guess I'm just a faith without works is dead kind of goddess. Thank you.


Gary said...

Here here! I'm for works, faith or not.

Compassion, generosity, sacrifice and hard work on behalf of's not enough to be sad or angry - or to complain and point fingers (even if fun sometimes).

eatmisery said...

Go to my blog post from today. I have something to tell you. :)