Wednesday, May 18, 2005


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This is, I believe, the hillbilly form of the lotus.

Ok, maybe not. The magnolia is lotus-like, and here we have a funny type of deciduous magnolia called a cucumber tree! That has just finished blooming and I didn't take a photo but it has these l-o-n-g leaves and smooooooth bark that does not hurt your bare feet when climbing it.

That is our front creek sparkling in the background.

Today is many things. Among them, I met that hairy man I refer to as husband (among other things), seventeen years ago, about now. I had on captain zoom-zoom shoes and he had on polyester pants so I guess we are even. We annoyed each other even then. It was not meant to be even though we had been just barely missing meeting each other for years it turned out, haunting the same places at the same times. And so here we are, in this life we have made, a life neither of us could have made alone, and a life better than anyone could dream, even with its . . . sundries.

The locust, with its perfumy perfect & tasty blossoms, its thorny branches, its harder than steal core, is probably a pretty good symbol for us.


justrose said...

very beautiful. what are captain zoom zoom shoes?

the Contrary Goddess said...

Oh, almost too hideous to mention except that I still actually own them -- bright red high-top Reeboks.