Monday, May 16, 2005

The Organic Rebellion

“For thousands of years we lived in harmony with the ways of the Farm.”
“The Farm?”
“Yes Cuke, the Farm is what gives us our power. It’s a kind of a Field that creates all edible things.”

Join Obi Wan Cannoli, Chew Broccoli, Tofu D2 and a host of vaguely familiar characters in Store Wars. Search your peelings.

It is cute, even if it is sponsored by just another big corporate apologist, the Organic Trade Association.

But listen, if you want to be really subversive, grow your own. If you can’t grow your own, grow something. Buy locally. And directly. Barter. Trade. Grow the underground economy.

Many thanks to Kimbo over at Green Being Farm’s blog for posting this link first.

And I’m sorry, but I just keep going around going, “The farm . . . it’s a kind of a field . . .” and being amused.

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