Thursday, May 19, 2005

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This is the white hard corn. Each of those hills has a bucket of manure, then covered with grass clippings, the space in between covered with sawdust, and over the entire area is strung black thread. If you look closely here, you can see the sprouted corn about three inches high. When it is about a foot high, it will be safe from the crows and we will take the thread barrier down and plant squash plants and bean seeds. I think this patch of corn is getting a very old type of greasy bean that has a very long pod. We ran into this seed through a individual who works at a local feed and seed but was selling this seed on the side. It is a really cool bean, but then I love greasy beans.

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One of the "pea jails" with the sugar snap peas growing nicely.

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My green on green on green strawberry bed. I weeded, then mulched with fresh grass clippings, then covered with new green mesh to protect them from the waskally wabbits. Behind is a small perenial bed with wormwood and horseraddish (and lemon balm and mugwort that you can't see). That mower is about the only oil burner we have left -- everything except mowing and going to town is done with hand tools and muscle power.

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roll out the wheel barrell and let's have a barrell of fun.