Sunday, May 22, 2005

Life Ain't Nothin' But A Funny Funny Riddle

So, life on the farm is going ok. Nothing big which is a good thing. Working along on stuff. Things growing well. A few difuguelties, like that the cow isn’t bred and how are we going to achieve that (although she has plenty of milk and has been lactating for 18 months), and we need a boy goat, and a boy rabbit to boot. A few delayed things, like the eggs in the incubator, almost, finally. A few “what is that” things, like the fungus that appeared on the cherry trees. But mostly all is well, calm, going along.

And my house is clean! Relatively of course. The floors mopped which always makes me think it is clean. The cobwebs down, mostly. Biggest dust up. Some of the clutter disposed of. Spent the day doing that, plus making bread, ice cream, and other staples.

Tonight daughter #1 and I slopped the hog. Husband had worked himself into a stupor and a stinking and was taking a bath. I had two buckets of slop and so couldn’t carry them and the flashlight so I asked daughter to go with me. We didn’t really need the light after we were out of the woods because the full moon was so bright. We stopped several times to admire it.

I was moved to do the Goddess Chant -- Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna -- several times. The moon was so bright there were only a few of the brightest stars showing, the few clouds moving steadily but leisurely. Daughter and I walked back up the hill to the chicken coop to shut it up for the night. It is a chicken coop with a view and it has a porch to boot so we stood there for a minute admiring the moon again, and its silvery light on the knoll and mountains behind. A translucent cloud moved across the moon. Daughter said, “Look, it has a face!” And it did. Not one of those squint your eyes just right and it might be made to look like a face, but clearly, a face, eyes and a nose, feminine and not to be mistaken, moving across the moon.

“I’m going to draw that when we get home,” she said. And she did:
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If you want to see where she gets her talent from, here is a note husband left for me the other day:
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Kim said...

The Hubby and I stared at the moon last night and I got some pretty good pix to upload. :)

The artistic ability in your family makes me giggle. :)

I mean there are stink lines and everything! *snort*

the Contrary Goddess said...

My favorite feature is the flies!

Deb said...

Those made me laugh! I like how he draws himself--overalls, beard, and hat.

the Contrary Goddess said...

He totally cracks me up. Which is a good thing since he really does smell like that. Sometimes. And *I* LIKE the smell of the horse manure!

Lost said...

So the cow definately hasn't "caught"? That sucks.
Love the drawerings - Is that a farmer tan I see? LOL

Joe Tornatore said...

oh no, slopping the hog. i know what that means. package on the way, by the way.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Good to hear from you Lost and Joe. Especially Joe 'cause I thought I'd made you mad. But then, I'm paranoid. I usually don't talk about it much because I'm paranoid. But no, the cow won't be having a calf this year, and the hog keeps getting out.

Sky Niangua said...

Good laugh for my morning.
Thanks for sharing your is admirable.