Wednesday, January 10, 2018

winter squash

I didn't capture, here anyway, the beginning in the garden, or the end on our plates.  I even missed the final step of a piece of cheese melted on the top.  But this is my favorite method to fix winter squash:  slice them, clean out the seed cavity (and the chickens love those seeds), spray with a little oil, pre-bake a bit turned upside down, turn over, fill cavity with diced onions, cover with diced bacon, bake until bacon and squash are done, top with cheese, melt, eat.  If you are using a normal oven, it would be at 350 but in a wood oven, well, it would be obvious why they call a cooler oven which is what I had most of today a slow oven.

It was a good squash year.  We have a couple buckets of acorns, some butternuts, and some others including a pink oblong thing that was prolific and tastes good.  But acorns are always my favorites.


jules said...

How do you store your squash?

CG said...

Stashed around the house. Eat any blemished fruit first. Acorn stores the best for us.