Tuesday, July 26, 2016

you chose this

"You chose this," he said. 

And that is true.  I did.  And I knew the consequences.  What I am saying is that those are unjust and immoral and just plain not productive consequences.


Yes, that's a bit extreme but it is happening, over and over again.

There is an informal fallacy known as "the false dilemma".  Parents use this all the time as a way to control their children:  Kid doesn't want to wear coat; parent knows kid is going to get cold; parent says to child, "Do you want to wear the red coat or the blue coat?" to give the child a false sense of choice in the matter, to pacify the child into compliance with the parental wishes.  Instead of letting the child have the choice of having a coat or being cold, the child will be warm with either the red coat or the blue coat. 

And the child will learn nothing, have no power over his/her life, and will still not want to wear the coat next time.  OR will learn to passively accept false choices, such as go to work as some form of corporate slave or have no health care.

After all, it is your choice.  Red or blue.

The Nazis used this technique to get people to quietly walk to their deaths.  (Complete and utter hopelessness was also a technique)  Marching, come to fork in the road, do you want to take the right road or the left road?  Or perhaps, do you want to walk or take the train.  The only difference, of course, was which death camp they were going to, not whether or not they would die.

The false dilemma now is that you get to choose how you want to be rich enough to afford health care:  You can lie and cheat and steal yourself; you can work for a corporation who will do it for you and pay you enough to overlook that detail.  Like the people who insist that they don't kill anything, just because they don't do it themselves.  You open a can of cat food, you kill something.  Shoot, you eat hay, you kill something.  Just the way it is, vegans be damned.

So yes, I choose to not participate, as much as I can figure out how, in the larger system of exploitation.  I also choose to  do work that is worth doing, in and of itself.  And I choose to do work I like and enjoy doing, work only for and with people I find worthy to work for and with, etc.


You see, health care is already rationed, it is just that poor people don't get it.  Instead we can ration it so that in actuality, there is plenty to go around, rationally.  Pass out vaccinations for free, that is the first cost effective measure.  Likewise, birth control.  Drug treatment.  Inpatient mental health.  There will need to be less heroics, less end of life extension (and beginning of life extension too).  There will need to be less rich health care, less "it's my money and I can buy it if I want" health care, more "sorry you made bad choices but we'll make you comfy while you die" health care.

But wait.  Food.  Shouldn't people who refuse to work go hungry?  Who the eff is refusing to work?  Oh, me?  Because I won't take that swing shift job for $30K?  I'm not refusing to work:  I'm refusing to be exploited.

So can we just agree that people need a basic, decent place to live;  decent, fresh, nutritious food; healthcare; and probably access to transportation and interwebs.  Can we just agree that we don't expect you to sell your soul to the devil, or the corporation, in order to do this?  That if you work, just regularly work a regular job/business, you'll have more than this minimum?

Obviously we can't just agree on that.  So I guess I'll have to just continue to not participate and to call out, when I see it, injustice.  Like the doctor stating three weeks after the fact, "She should have been put on a course of Augmentin and rabies prophilactic," when at the time she ignored that anything was even taking place right in front of her.  Like the doctor who is going to warn you of birth control side effects while refusing to prescribe it because it is (irrationally) abortifacient and ignoring the side effects of pregnancy.  Like the health department making appointments for 7:30 am when no one is even in the office until 8.  Like people on habitual script drugs are addicts just like heroin or alcohol in need of treatment (not more drugs) (or more excuses).  That no one "earns" millions of dollars but exploits them from the labor of others.

Yeah, that guy wants Putin in office because then we'll really have a choice.  We'll also have free energy machines.  It's just a conspiracy.

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