Friday, July 22, 2016

response to RNC and PokemonGo anger

The whole anger thing toward Pokemon Go players got me to thinking:  people are evidently looking for things to be angry about.  Donald Trump knows that and is encouraging that.

Look, I know you got laid off from your job and it went to Mexico.  I know your CEO stole your retirement.  I know there isn't another job with benefits and "decent" pay even out there, much less out there that you can do.  I know.

But while you complain about how "entitled" the millennials seem to feel, I'd suggest it is you who feel (unjustly) *entitled*.  No one owes you a middle class wage, or life.  And demonizing someone else who also doesn't have one ain't gonna get it for you.

What we need to do is to talk about peak oil and limited energy again, because in that context people can at least come close to understanding the need to live smaller, more simply, stay home, entertain themselves, grow some food, cook it, eat it together, play some music, laugh.

Because there is no alternative energy going to make our current level of usage sane (or even possible, long term).  Every source has its consequences.  USE LESS.  Period.

And that also means, making less money, spending less money, living smaller.  That the economy isn't what it once was is not something that is fixable, and any short term "fix" is only at the expense of some other person or environment -- and truthfully, no matter how selfish you are, I don't really believe you want to hurt other people.  You are just afraid of being hurt yourselves, losing the privilege that you've come to think belongs to you.

Well, if all you have going for you is your "middle class-ness", I guess you are hurting.  So get something else going for you!  Find the joy in the small things.  And do them.  Then there won't be enough time to get all paranoid about everything else.

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