Thursday, August 27, 2015

so meet a bear and take him out to lunch

AND the bears got all the sweet corn.  We'd planted that patch because we had the space and nothing to do with it and couldn't get any more hard corn seed and extra sweet corn is always a good thing.  It had done well too.

We had up some hay nets to discourage crows.  We had traps baited at all times against racoons (and those caught met a timely demise).  We usually post a dog to the garden in the summer to discourage deer but had not done so this year.

The ground was wallowed.  They ate not just the corn but the entire cob.  They drug entire stalks off to eat later.  All bear sign.  We live in a bear preserve.  There'll be no bear barbecue.  Unfortunately.

We'd had one supper on that corn, slightly immature.  We thought we were just getting ready to process it in bulk.  Freeze some cream corn and parch some.  And eat massive amounts.  And share some with friends.

The dog is on his way down.  Another PETA violation.

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