Friday, August 14, 2015

here & now

ducks are big, should be laying, aren't

milk from weeds, and we love 'em.  She knows horse cookies.

Why no one can come to our garden?  This is the "path" to it.

hard corn -- those ears are @6 feet off the ground

what I came looking for, McCaslin beans.  Has anyone ever explained to you how to "set" your eyes?  Does that make sense to you?  You have to "set" your eyes if you want to look for morels, or deer, or cucumbers, or beans.  For beans, everything is green -- you have to "set" for the shape.  And I also follow the vines on the corn stalks.  There are always more than I see.  This is something that amazes me about the natural world, and where the ideal of abundance comes from I think.

some of them are really high -- I stood on a bucket and managed to get these but I couldn't find the old pool ladder to get some of the others!

the potato patch, obviously mostly stink weed right  now as the potato vines have died (the pontiacs are still alive, these are the yukons).  The bare spot is where one hill got dug and it seems it was a good potato year!  We'll have potatoes with those beans for supper tonight.

ooops a rabbit decided to sample this cushaw growing on the fence by the west garden gate


pumpkin or some other kind of winter squash, with more blooms

some other cute baby melon or squash

gratuitous butterfly shot on the joe pye weeds

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