Sunday, June 09, 2013

I do not run the show

What would I write if I were to write something right now of my homesteading life?  I would probably write that my kids do most of it.

I'm doing a lot of horsing now.  I still make cheese but the kids do most of the milking.  I still make bread when I have an oven going.  I still cook, or help cook, and clean, or help clean.  But I don't run the show.

I do not run the show.

Used to we'd have some friends up and they'd get "the tour".  Now the kids might have some friends up, and they are amused to find themselves giving "the tour".  And cleaning the bathroom beforehand!

I think about the chicks they had and how they learned that if they didn't take care of them, the chicks DIED.  That's a harsh lesson.  Some lessons are harsh, plain and simple.  They have compassion that isn't an idea in their heads but actions in their lives.  Choices.  But yes, they do wear helmets and seat belts without fail.

And yeah, I'm proud of them.  They are fun and funny and smart. 

I hope they are also proud of me.


Jerry Critter said...

If they are as smart as you think they are, then they are proud of you too.

Madcap said...

Of course!