Friday, August 12, 2011

and given a couple weeks . . .

A very red pepper!


The bean jail. That's just baling twine and empty bottles with rocks in them to, hopefully, scare the deer who would otherwise eat the beans down.

The sunflowers in front of the red corn. The red corn seems to be really doing well this year. In general, the corn seems to have done better than the potatoes this year. Except you can't count the corn yet because something could yet happen to it. It is gorgeous and impressive though -- much of it must be 15 feet tall and most ears are set above my head

with beans twining up the stalks.

In other parts of the farm, goats

and clothes on the line which miraculously the goats don't offer to eat.

The bones of former experiences. Not failed, mind you. We learned a lot from it and enjoyed it immensely but didn't find it worth continuing for multiple reasons (the price of plastic went way up, water was difficult in that location, it was really useful for a very limited time during the year). Bones around to remind you are important.


Mr. H. said...

15 foot tall corn, what a sight to behold.:)

CG said...

it is rather amazing. I don't think we've ever had red corn as tall as it is this year -- a combination of increasing fertility in that field and good corn weather I'm sure. We get some interesting sports with the red corn sometimes. The white is much more stable for us and is always quite tall, although of course not ALL of it is quite that tall!