Sunday, May 02, 2010

oil spill

So, do you get the idea that this BP spill is a really really big thing? Affecting food and environment for years and years? But swallow that it is the result of getting more and more fringe oil to feed the oil addiction. If you go places, you caused it. There will not be a leader willing to say it evidently, but life must get smaller and we need to not mourn that but find the joy in that. We need to seek stability and contentment rather than growth and change and happiness and the thrill of the week.


Mr. H. said...

Just imagine if we all had to ride horses and haul loads with mules and donkeys because there was no more oil. What would that mean? Perhaps many would be working from home, be much more self-sufficient, or at least not have to travel as far for work.

Some would say that a life without modern conveniences would be way too harsh. I think 9 to 5, or more like 6 to 5 these days, is much harder, we just don't realize it.

Yes, please take it all away and leave me with something real and tangible. I want to feel cracked fingers and sore muscles from hard labor, sweat on my brow, and contentment for the simple things in life.

Please do release me from the expense of modern life. I would much rather feel alive....and do.:)

That said, my poor wife, and I, is beside herself as she watches in horror as we slowly destroy rather than cherish this world we live in. And we do realize that we are part of the problem.

I really do enjoy your perspective on these makes one think.

CG said...

I suppose I haven't been "worried" about most of it. I watch as people who consider themselves "green" fool themselves with so-called green consumption and drill-baby-drill-ers fool themselves that there is plenty of oil and mostly I am amused if irritated that no one will listen and consider my POV. But this oil spill which may mean my grandchildren cannot eat fish other than out of the ponds and streams here, well, it scares me. I've always realized that people will drive, and insist they have to, until the last gallon of gasoline is pumped . . . but what will they do to the environment to get that last gallon? Alberta has been dealing with this with tar sands of course, and the coal fields are my home, but this oil spill, affecting probably the entire east coast that the gulf stream gets to, well. It has scared even me.

And still most people cover their ears and sing "lalalala".

Cynthia S. said...

How do we get leaders to listen and to acknowledge that we must simplify, change our lives? I've put this in letters and petitions I sign, but I know they don't hear. But I think they DO know... Bush's home in Texas is all kitted out to survive any ill effects of climate change, oil crises, etc. But politicians don't tell the truth if they do know it. They don't want to panic people with the truth? Do we just make our own small adjustments as we can?

Mr. H. said...

Yes it is the future generations that will suffer the most. There are many streams and lakes in our area that we can no longer fish out of due to mining pollution, pollution from many, many years makes us sad.

I say this as I type on my petrolium based keyboard full of metal derived from mining...yep.:)

Eleutheros said...

Mr H, your keyboard is not the problem. We could supply everyone in the world with ten keyboards and not bother the environment a whit.

When we subsidize auto purchases so everyone can have a new car every two years and give incentives to sell the glut of 4000 sq ft McMansions, when we routinely commute 100 miles a day and go to environmental conferences in SUV's, THAT's what causes the problem.

annetteinalaska said...

Thank you so much for saying that, Eleu. Perspective is key.