Thursday, May 06, 2010

Greece: coming to an economy near you. Soon.

While I am on a rather more political bent than homesteading one, I have this word to say: Greece. You think you are owed a pension? Greece. You think you contributed to Social Security? Greece. You think that government job of your is secure (and it is the only sector with job growth)? Greece.

I am attentive to the tendency to protest instead of, say, grow food, or produce something that might help that GDP. I am attentive to the fact that Greece is the most socialist country in the EU, and Spain next, and that's the order in which they will fall. I am attentive that our rate of debt is about as bad as theirs (and that when people decide to be personally financially responsible in this country, it is seen as "holding back" the "recovery").


Wendy said...

"... holding back the recovery."

Maybe it is, but if I spend all of my money now buying pieces of crap I don't need, in the hopes that our economy will rebound, what happens to me and my family when it doesn't? Because it's not going to (see previous post of yours below entitled "Oil Spill" - that's part of it, and a big part, too).

We still spend a sh*t load of money, but it's on things like dance classes and music lessons for my girls, and it's in my local community. If my dollar will support a local teacher, then I think that's a much better place for my dollar to be spent than at some Big Box store for some crappy piece of crap I probably don't need anyway.

Unfortunately, I don't believe that the dollars I spend for my girls to take classes are figured into the GDP, and so, for the purposes of stimulating our growth economy, my money is being wasted :).

CG said...

shame on you Wendy, just shame on you.

barefoot gardener said...


I'm so with y'all on this one.

I keep trying to come up with a really good comment about this, and all I keep ending up with is repeats of things that both of you have already said. So....

"Yeah, what they said!"