Saturday, January 09, 2010

Just Because

Because she is beautiful

Because they are cute.

And just because.

And a note about the baby goats because of the earlier post against intervention. They are two of triplets. Their mom is eleven years old, rather ancient for a goat. And at the beginning of December, she looked to be near her due date -- she was HUGE, basketball bag, the works. You know our goats are rather au naturel and so the billy just runs with them and we have an idea of when they were bred but not an exact date. Which is real good as far as not making unnecessary inventions is concerned.

Far more than just her hugeness though, she started acting different. Uncomfortable. I'd never really seen her act like that before. She sat a lot -- sat like a dog. One day it seemed as though she couldn't really walk and I was truly afraid a kid was stuck sideways in her pelvis. One day she sat in one spot for 12 hours. I actually worried and fretted some. A lot. I considered what interventions could be made.

BUT she wasn't sick and so I just made sure she was eating and drinking and peeing and pooping and left her alone. And sure enough, the day after Christmas, she popped out three beautiful babies who are all doing well and being very capricious.


Jim said...

Beautiful goats!

Something I really miss is having goats, fresh goat milk, goat yogurt, and goat cheese.

And your cow is lovely too!

cpcable said...

How lovely! I desperately want goats, but for now they have to live in my mind on my "someday-farm." Thanks for giving me my daily fix.