Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Pictorial

Stance and Form
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First, I chopped a tree down. There are more photos of this of flickr if'n you're interested. I didn't do it ALL by myself but this is something I've been wanting to do, to know that I could do. And it is thrilling. I was sweating. It was cool.

For supper it was

Cabrito stromboli
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cabrito stromboli, made with the loin from the white wether. The kitchen was really rocking as I made the crusts (it takes six big stromboli's to feed our family, which is the equivalent of two loaves of bread for the crusts), husband made the filling, and daughter made

WW butter sugar cookies
Originally uploaded by Contrary Goddess.

whole wheat butter sugar cookies using lots of red dye!

A great time was had by all.


kmoo said...

Is that ax a "hardware store special" or are you one of those "axe snobs" that has to have a Gransfors Bruk or Iltis?

Good form BTW.

Moonbear said...

So glad you're back from that hiatus you threatened to take sometime ago. I have tagged you for a meme-- if you care to play.
I tagged you on my blog!

laura said...

i love the hard working pix and the food and the everyone pitching in.

it's all good.

CG said...

Goodness kmoo, thought I'd already answered that. Sometimes google doesn't like me. Anyway, I would not turn up my nose at a really finer than frog hair ax, but that one is a craftsman my brother gave to us, oh, might near 19 years ago I guess. It's been through a good number of handles and as our ten year old daughter is learning to split now, it will need another in the foreseeable future.

I'll come look at the tag but it'll be a day or two.

And la, you know I love you!

Anonymous said...

The Ballad of the Contrary Goddess

The Contrary Goddess
Was a two fisted mountain cat
Weren't no tree in that Tennessee county
Could stand up to that woman's axe

She'd chop them trees up and down
Walk unafraid into any town
Beat five loggers in the ground
And knock down twenty or more.

Ren said...

Someone that goes by "Contrary Goddess" ought to have a poem or a ballad or two in her honor.;)

Spider63 said...

Wow, that looks like good eatin! Cool photos chopping down a tree!

CG said...

just so folks could know, I got an interesting comment regarding unschooling on an old post and responded. If'n you want to join in,
it's here

Madcap said...

I'm walking the same line with you on that one. I'm hands-off in the area of speculation and investigation and daydream, but hands-on in the realm of creating and maintaining an environment/body to be lived in for a long time, with the others in our vicinity.