Friday, September 08, 2006

Who Says You Can't Go Home

Deliver Me!
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Can you hear the banjo music? This is a friend I met when I was nine years old and who I hadn't seen in 32 years at a little church we ran in to as we explored our hometown all these many years later. I suppose we were finding out who we were, who we are, and who we want to be.

Where she had lived is just a grown up lot. Where I had lived, well, there's a house in my backyard! That was totally jarring to me. And not a flower in sight and our house always had flowers. We went up and down the streets and remembered who had lived where. We didn't see a soul we knew, except for Harold who also has some photos of the weekend up. My friend took all these photos because I didn't take my camera so additional thanks to her for letting me blog them.

The Trees on Front Street
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My hometown. If I'm not mistaken, those bridges were my mom's vision back in the 1960s. They used to be arched more picturesquely but I guess ADA got ahold of them. There are so many things, in some sense all my life, here.

fighting cock bracelet
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This is my $1 find at the Rally -- a cock fighting bracelet! Is that not even better than the "Redneck Rebel" cap? More subtle anyway.

The Valley
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This is the most beautiful place in the world, Powell Valley, which, if you aren't from here, it sounds like "Pow Valley" when we say it although we can hear the semi-silent "L".

We even went to Benje's Rock, which was crucial to my high school party years but evidently none of the photos of the saddle came out well enough. I'll have to go back.


Shelly said...

CG, Love the Bracelet! Dad used to cock fight. That is until the evil step mother got the best of him. Now it's just laying hens. Which is good ,but only half of dad.

Thistlebee said...

That really is a gorgeous valley. There's one similar to that near where I used to live, the Dunvegan Valley, and I always wished I could live there. Too expensive, and even further north, though! But soooo heart-stoppingly beautiful.

I've started a regular blogger-blog so I can leave comments again, so this is....


patsy said...

oh you lucky person to see that valley. powell is my maiden name and my ancestors passed thro that valley on the way to ky. it is named for ambrose powell who left his name carved on a tree before the valley was settled.

Lewis said...

I occasionally am in Powell Valley, maybe once ever couple of years, and I agree with you about its beauty.

Joe Tornatore said...

love the pictures, especially the valley one.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Yeah, you remember the Valley, don't you! That new road is something goes right from Norton to East Stone Gap in just a few minutes, no winding.

Walker said...

Lovely! Really enjoyed your blog.

One reminder: The anti-Christmas season is right around the corner when the anti-Christians will be swinging into full anti-Christmas mode. But right now is when companies are finalizing their advertising. Plus last year the anti-Christians Googlebombed the phrase “war on Christmas” so that you mainly only get anti-Christian links. Google is indexing RIGHT NOW. Won’t you use the phrase “war on Christmas” and Merry Christmas early and often?

the Contrary Goddess said...

Hey Walker, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm not exactly a "Christian". Not that I've got any problems with Jesus, or the multiple Jesuses, or anything, but I've got BIG problems with "the church", or any organized religion for that matter no matter the persuasion, and besides, Christmas is a Pagan holiday anyway (so is Easter folks) and Happy Halloween to you!

Oh, but welcome to my blog!