Thursday, September 07, 2006

Living at the Foot of the Cross

Ya know, sometimes you just have to quit hitting your toe with a hammer. Quit, in fact, hitting your toe with anything at all. If it hurts, move away from it, clear it out.

This is not to say that some things aren't worth some pain. Most mothers know this intimately. There are things worth standing up for, worth enduring something for. Of course most of those things aren't things, but I digress.

One of our neighbors, when asked how he is doing, as often as not answers with "Living at the foot of the cross, just a livin' at the foot of the cross." That means everything is going really well. My favorite self-improvement author, Deepak Chopra, talks about synchronicity, about when life tells you how it is going, how it is thinking about itself. There are no coincidences -- life tells you when you are doing well and when you are messing yourself up. So do your dreams. The most useful dream interpretation book ever, Every Dreamer's Handbook (by Will Phillips) , talks about how your dreams (be that your subconscious, your conscience, or your Gods) will start trying to tell you something in a subtle way but will get louder and more insistent if you don't listen. Life is like that too. It tells you. Ye with ears to hear. Because if you don't listen, it will crush you.

So my neighbor fired me from my mowing job. But she forgot to tell me. So, the week she got someone else to mow, another neighbor called and asked me to mow his yard. With his tractor. Freeing me to sell mine, which had not really worked out on our farm the way I hoped it would anyway. Back to the scythe yet still with a mowing income. That's living at the foot of the cross.

Anyone in the market for a really nice used lawn tractor? With a sweeper and a spreader. Bargain priced.


Deb said...

Well, if there wasn't the distance thing, my husband would be interested in it as our lawn tractor is in its final stages of death. But maybe that's just life telling us it's time to try a scythe!

Shelly said...

Hey,CG it's been months since I visited here.Even longer since we've seen you guys. Coming here feels like when I was little and we would go to visit family over in the country and I'd sit on the porch and listen to everyone yak all afternoon.You always seem to say what I think, but won't say. Hope to see you soon.

the Contrary Goddess said...

I miss you Shelly -- give me a call or something. Or come up.