Saturday, May 13, 2006

Goodbye Betty Sue

for awhile anyway.

Her owner came to get her today. He'll be breeding her but we plan on getting my big guy and his big girl together again to work. He's got some logs to pull and we've got some rocks that need put in the road, and we can accomplish those things while playing with the horses, so that is all good.

Unfortunately the last few days have been terribly busy for me, and wet, and she hadn't worked much in the last week. And he came and got her as I had to be leaving so I didn't get to warm her up or show him how she was doing for me. And the first thing she did with him was get away from him. This is so not good for her. His response was to gag her bridle which is not what I would do. I would move more softly, talk to her more. That's what I'd been doing and that's what she was doing pretty good with.

I'll miss her. Duke will miss her more.


clairesgarden said...

oh I 'm sorry she's away, she'll have lovely foals though and it may steady her down a lot too. wish her owner had more patience.

madcapmum said...

Yeah, it's a shame you didn't get that opportunity to let him see how you were handling her.

I notice on your sidebar that you're reading Wise Child. What do you think? That series is one of my favourites.

eatmisery said...

Happy Mother's Day! I hope your day is special.

the Contrary Goddess said...

oh, I probably will get the opportunity to work her again, here and at her place. We have plans! Hauling logs, hauling rocks. And I'm hoping seeing me work her will make an impression on him, but I'm not holding my breath. It will be ok and I've no doubt she'll remember me and settle to me. And we'll work her with Duke and that I think will help too. I would have done it already but I haven't much experience driving teams and really wanted to feel like I had some hope of her responding to me before I had two tons of horses on one set of lines.

And then there is the foal. I'll probably get to play with him.

And I'm going to try to get Monty Roberts book From My Hands to Yours and see what I get from that.

And I need to contact Shelly to see if she wants to bring her quarter horse up here to see if I can do anything with her. It would be fun to get to ride.

And it is a great Mom's Day -- husband is fixing an elaborate (ham, sausage, corn cakes, eggs) brunch for us!

Thanks everyone!