Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Feast Wedge of the Year

Yesterday was a quintessential winter day around here -- cold but wet, drizzly all day, a penetrating greyness to the whole world. Compared to our northern blogger buds, not all that cold but there are times here when winter drags on with that greyness and it is that more than cold, more even than mud, that makes February the longest month sometimes.

Today is actually colder but more pleasant. And as is usual here, we will get this in waves through the winter, cold, warmer, colder, wet, dry, frozen and we look constantly at the forecasts to see what we’re in for. We don’t so much need them now to make sure we’re stocked before a storm because we are pretty much always stocked here. Knock wood. Or, more appropriately for us, saw wood, with the crisp zwnk zwnk zwnk of the bow saw through the dry dead wood.

Ah, but this week the forecast includes Thanksgiving and a feast! So today’s tasks included baking extra bread & corn bread to be made tomorrow into dried crumbs to be made Thursday into dressing. And finishing up some cheese trying to clear some of the extra milk out of the fridge. And fresh butter to clear the cream out and provide for the feast. And cooking a squash so that tomorrow it can be made into pies. And shelling pecans also to be made into pies. And tomorrow those things and all the salads will be made (a raw broccoli salad and a corn salad) and I think a breakfast casserole to make Thursday’s breakfast good without tying up a cook.

The beginning of the feast wedge of the year.


WonderSoul said...

One of my favorite types of days. A fire in the stove and lots of baking/cooking going on. We are hip deep in that here today. Have a great T-day!

the Contrary Goddess said...

You too! I MISS you! I'm hoping to make it Monday but we haven't put in the axle still so I don't know if it is going to happen. We just got the pies out of the oven and are expecting a little company tomorrow.