Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ever Grateful

We are ever grateful for good family, good friends and good folks who embody for us ourselves further along our spiritual path.

We are ever grateful for good enemies, good adversaries, and good folks who so plainly show us what we do not wish to be and the paths we do not wish to traverse.

From the deepest place in my soul I am grateful to bow to the wisdom of my children.

We experience love exceeding need and walk offering love that isn't light and insubstantial but sometimes resembles a hammer to correct a mistake and sometimes a crusty loaf of bread that nurishes the famished. We seek not ease but substance, not wealth but subsistence which is sufficiency, not power over but power from within.

Thank you for your reflection of divinity.


justrose said...

happy thanksgiving cg.

madcapmum said...

As the Orthodox would say, "Wisdommm - let us attennnnd". Happy Thanksgiving to you and your house, CG.

laura said...

i love that there is so much actual thankfulness in your tradition. my family doesn't seem to have much in the way of tradition or thankfulness except to just have a lot of the same foods every year. this year wasn't too bad because my sister with the 5 kids didn't come so there wasn't as much noise. we got together at my little sister's house instead of my parents' and that was a nice change. all in all we had a good time actually. who knew??