Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hickory Horned Devil

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I wish the photo were better but this was the best of the bunch. None of us has EVER seen anything like this. It was huge, hard, spiney, its head was actually retractable unter those biggest spike and eye-spots. Looking up the identification, it is a Hickory Horned Devil. It eats hickory which we've got tons of. If you have wild hickory nuts, try this: The ones that are best to eat (sweet instead of bitter) are large & squared off more than round.

This thing turns into the Regal Moth which is as large and orange.


Joe Tornatore said...

what the devil is going on down there? i am having trouble identifying vegetables at my grocer and you got an indentification chart for this critter?

Shelly said...

CG, I send my Deepest sympathy for the loss of you Brain. I feel your pain. I lost my laptop last month and I am still in mourning.Yes It was just a thing, but what a heartache."Blues, dispare & agony on me " I now have that HeeHaw song in my head. so I'll quit now.

ps Last time I saw one of those was on my dad's farm 20 years ago. Sounding old... stopping for real now.

the Contrary Goddess said...

Joe, have you discovered this little thing called the internet? Great identification sites on there!

Shelly, sorry about your laptop. But then, I'd hoped to see you in the flesh today! Oh well.

And I'd never seen one of these devils before -- they must really stay up in the trees and we must have got that one on its way to pupate (the id site said they pupate in the ground, one life cycle per year, what all a body can learn).

Joe Tornatore said...

okay, i took your suggestion. i typed in devil in a Google search and got the name of an ex-girlfirend.

the Contrary Goddess said...

you make me laugh Joe. At least one and possibly more old boyfriends of mine show up under psycho. None, however, were as ugly or harmless as the Hickory Horned Devil.