Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brain Freeze

My brain (PDA) died last night. For those who know the real, in the flesh CG, you know this is no small thing. I use that thing so much. If I look up an address or phone number, it is in there. If I need to remind myself to take the eggs in the incubator out of the turner, I set its alarm. If the home school moms get together and decide off the cuff what the themes for activity meetings will be for the next year, I write it down in there and never lose it, can always find it. It had a low resolution digital camera which was the coolest because I always had a camera with me. Everyone’s birthday is in there (although I almost always still forget, sorry, except for my own kids). Lists so I know, on those rare occasions when I go to the mart, what to get. Lists for everything else. Records of menstrual cycles, mine and the cow’s. When the puppies were born. A calculator. Notes to myself.

I’m a bit traumatized by it. I keep thinking, “It is only a thing. Things are not important.” But then I start to do something and reach for the thing and it won’t turn on. It is just a thing. A piece of paper will work as well. If I could find that damn scrap I started that damn list on last night.

Husband came up with a plan. He will start an instrument and when it sells, we will take that money and go buy me a new brain. A brain with not only a digital camera but an MP3 player. He told me his plan and I cried. I do not have to have this thing.

It is just a thing. Things are not important. I do not have to have this thing. But I’d really really like to.


pete* said...

Sorry to hear you lost your thing!
...but try changing the battery!!!!

the Contrary Goddess said...

yes pete*, I'm obviously an idiot who can't get my head out of my own ass and wouldn't think of such things as the reset button or thermal shock or searching online for troubleshooting or the like.

Now that I've been a smartass as my grandfather used to say, nice to make your acquaintance. It isn't like I wouldn't try to be helpful too.

Joe Tornatore said...

this is the first thing I have known to bother you. it would be a big deal to me.