Thursday, August 11, 2005

Who Do You Think You Are?

A busy few days. Then it seems, they all are. Although today was very unusual in that we excurded -- on rather a lark, we all climbed into the car and went to a nearby city to pick up a special piece of wood from a special store to use in one of our cottage industries that has our efforts toward it stoked at the moment.

While out, I saw so young girl with multiple piercings and a t-shirt on which she had written: “The government is trying to take your life. Don’t let it.” I studied her a bit. And I wondered, I wonder what you are doing to save your own life. Because you see, I don’t disagree that the government (slash industrial slash educational complex) wants us dead. At least dead mentally & spiritually, robotic consumers with matching outfits on our kids so they’ll dutifully consume too. But what I always wonder is, what differences does that make in your life?

One obvious thing was, she’d made her shirt instead of buying it so she was outside the exploitive system at least that far. What else might she have been able to show me?

The books that are truly my favorites are mostly narratives -- the stories of how certain individual people have done certain things and how it turned out and what they think of the whole process. My favorite blogs are mostly that -- not philosophical, not rants, not sermons. But also not mindless catalogs of what people had for lunch. It doesn’t mean I will want to make the same decisions or live in the same ways or for the same reasons, but I will learn.

So, I endeavor to persevere to at least sometimes keep my blog along those lines -- some what we’re doing, some whys, some hows, and some what we got out of doing it that way, some observation of beauties, some creation of same.

And just a little preaching. And the slightest bit of wailing and gnashing of teeth. And hopefully a lot of partying and laughing. Because the spirits only come to the parties. A place is always set for Elijah.

It has been almost a year since I started this, after all. And the question may well be, “Who does she think she is?”

Or it might be, “How much fun is she to live with?”

How about this one from Deepak: “It comes down to the age-old choice of separation or unity. Do you want to be fragmented, conflicted, torn between the eternal forces of darkness and light? Or do you want to step out of separation into wholeness?”


olympiada said...

I like this! It is deep and spiritual. And what do you mean you leave a place for Elijah? I have not heard this before.
Hey you know what? My foe called me "Miss Goddess". It is official, I have reclaimed my Goddess status too.

Joe Tornatore said...

i want to step out but I can't garden and live off of the land.

the Contrary Goddess said...

The references would be in the book of Malachi, 3:1 & 4:4-5. A search on leaving a chair for Elija will probably be fruitful. But the tradition is that the prophet Elija did not die and will come back to announce the coming of the Messiah. So at Passover, a place is set for Elija and the youngest child checks the door to see if he has come. When he hasn't, it is said, "Maybe next year," meaning maybe then the Messiah will come.

We are not Jewish but Elija shows up quite often nonetheless.

And Joe, wholeness is yours when you leave dichotomy (but not irony) behind!