Friday, August 12, 2005

We Are Reaping

A few days ago, the 3 older kids had an errand to run but accidentally took a radio that transmits but does not receive. I heard them call and tried to answer but it was obvious they were not hearing me. Since I didn’t know for sure that they didn’t need something, I went to meet them.

Because it had been raining and the path I would take is through heavy woods, I wore a giant green rain poncho, the poncho that had belonged to my boy scout brother 40 odd years ago and is still going strong. It wasn’t long before I saw the kids making their way up the hill in no distress but they didn’t see me. I hollered and waved my arms and they still didn’t see me. Until suddenly #1 son screamed and started running away across the side of the hill, “It’s a Dementor!”

Everyone laughed and came on home. I asked him if he’d really thought I was a Dementor (from Harry Potter). “Naw,” he said, “It is a green cloak. I knew right away you were the Green Reaper!”

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Joe Tornatore said...

the invisible cloak in Potter is that much more valuable.