Friday, May 27, 2005


There’s nothing like waking up in the morning to half a fish tank of water in the floor. Unless it is a whole fish tank full of water in the floor, so I’m thankful it was a half fish tank of water. See, there is always something to be grateful for. Also, the pig was not out. Where is that cute smiley face thing for “wry grin”. Or maybe it should be “rye grin”.

So yesterday was the first Thursday in the Park day: A day off the farm, more conversation than I’m used to having in two weeks; some deep connecting and the fear that that connecting always brings to me; Laura there to tell me, “There you are, always ready to be hurt”; N there to exclaim that she can’t imagine that I even care, what with my façade, but I’m not sure what kind of façade it is; K there to observe oh so accurately that we all have our issues. There is nothing wiser or more therapeutic than a gaggle.


laura said...

did i really say that...not sayin' i didn't...probably did...but about what i cannot remember!!

Joe Tornatore said...

i tagged you. check out my website for details.

the Contrary Goddess said...

La, always remember that this blog is not necessarily literal truth (although generally it is) but it is always metaphysical truth, the truth of my experience, slightly idealized. The truth is, yeah, I think you did, but just repeating what you'd said to me earlier which was frankly a very helpful thing for you to say because I've thought an awful lot about it. N didn't actually "say" that, but she's said it before and we talked some about it. K did say that, but at a different time. But inside me, it all ties together.

Joe, I'll be right on over!

laura said...

i think that metaphysical truth applies everywhere and not just on blogs. i think that no matter the reality of a take away with you what YOU hear, what YOU need, and sometimes even what YOU would've said and then say that in the retelling. we are all story tellers after all.