Saturday, May 28, 2005

Tag! You're It!

I got tagged by Joe, so here goes:

*Three names you go by (that won't give away your identity): Cosmic Mother, Domestic Goddess, “give her some food before she gets grumpy”
*Three screen names you've had: BHeard, and pretty much other than that, I’ve been myself, and here I’m CG
*Three physical things you like about yourself: my strong sturdy straight little body, my luxurious neck, my feet when they are bare and dirty and sticking out from blue jeans.
*Three physical things you don't like about yourself: my nose, that funky little bit of belly that I’m trying to just make peace with, that my skin still breaks out sometimes
*Three parts of your heritage: Shawnee, German, Black Dutch
*Three things you are wearing right now: jeans, t-shirt, sloggers garden clogs
*Three favorite bands / musical artists: oh, geez, hmmmm, well, right now I’m actually listening to a lot of Seals and Crofts, Floyd Lovins, and some music from Down from the Mountain (tribute to Ralph Stanley)
*Three favorite songs: more moans, thinking of all time faves I guess, Magnolia by Poco, Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd, & We’ve Got Tonight by Bob Segar. No, that’s not right, how about Love Can Build a Bridge by the Judds, Choices by Merle Haggard, nonono that would be George Jones!, and Dolly’s version of Barbara Allen. Or If I Fall Behind by Bruce Springsteen, Angel Band by Emmielou, and When We are Gone by Second Chants. Or Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison, Heart of Gold by Neil Young, and Wooden Ships by CSNY. Naw, of course, the three big ones from Bruce’s Born to Run album that I wore out three copies of at least -- Born to Run, Jungleland and most of all Thunder Road. Or Gretchen Wilson with Red Neck Woman. NOTA. AOTA and more, depending. Probably not a damn thing from the 1980s though
*Three things you want in a relationship: loyalty, affection, intellectual gymnastics
*Three physical things about the preferred sex that appeals to you: I like every physical attribute of the male: I like long tall cowboys; I like hairy mountain men; I like chests and shoulders and arms and the way they smell
*Three of your favorite hobbies: Hobbies are for sissies. I DO stuff, I have interests and passions and curiosities. I have a life, not hobbies.
*Three things you want to do really badly right now: pee, eat chocolate, get off the computer
*Three things that scare you: loving people, being rejected by people, not being true to myself
*Three of your everyday essentials: chocolate, chocolate, and ummm, chocolate. And cheese too
*Three careers you have considered / are considering: veterinarian, psychologist, undertaker, midwife. That’s four but you can’t have undertaker without midwife
*Three places you want to go on vacation: beach house for a week with nothing to do, Disney blow-out, southern Mexico yoga retreat plus
*Three kids' names you like: Carolina Lee, Angus, Bridey
*Three things you want to do before you die: I’m living every day pretty much like I want to. I think maybe I’d like to learn to speak kinder if it doesn’t involve too much editing what I really think
*Three ways you are stereotypically a boy: I like physical things, being strong, I hate dolls
*Three ways you are stereotypically a girl: I cook & clean, I have long hair which hair is a woman’s glory, I like to be petted for hours on end and held and protected without demands of sex (and then to have sex anyway of course)
*Three celeb crushes: Liam Neeson, Patricia Arquette, Brian Denehy (not really but kinda)
*Three people to play next: Laura, MadreMoltoLento, & Harold

Tag! You’re it!

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laura said...

i just noticed my name links to my family blog and i did my tag on my other blog...oops!