Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Or Maybe Not

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Turns out the reported "discharge" that might have signaled labor is diareah. She is huge but she was last time (when she had four kids). She's uncomfortable, laying down a lot. Her bag is filling but far from full. So, I don't think it is today. But I've been fooled before.

I've noticed how often I chronicle births and deaths on here. This was born, that died.

I’ve never thought borning and dying are different processes. Life is the dream in between.

And life on the farm IS rather a chronicle of its births and deaths, including the births of dreams and deaths of illusions. It is easier to see and notice the animals, but all of it is vitally important.

And, thinks I, it is life off the farm that breeds illusion. Perhaps more accurately, it is life disconnected from the source, by which I don’t mean “this guy named God” but rather with where it, whether it is food or blue jeans or beingness or whatever, comes from.

And it ain’t from the store.

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