Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Chocolate Goat Gifts

It looks as though the Chocolate goat has decided to give special gifts to us to celebrate OPD! She seems to be in true labor. Nice wonderful, sunny day for it with no horrid weather on the horizon either. I noticed her bag (udder) was filling the other day, the last of the really cold nights, but was sure she wouldn’t be silly enough to decide to have her babies then. The girls have checked her every day since and today she has a discharge and is laying down and moaning.

I haven’t been out there yet. I’ve got bread in the machine and cream warming for butter and more cream cooling for ice cream (strawberry, my first time making strawberry which is just vanilla with frozen strawberries in it) and the cake yet to make. Most of the dishes are done but not the sweeping.

But you know I’ll be stealing away, going out there to just be, soon. Birth is the opening of a magic portal.

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