Sunday, November 21, 2004

Wet Again

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This is my laundry, wet again. My friend Laura is laughing at me at this point because of the numerous times I have told her that my laundry got wet. Again. It was *almost* dry but not quite and I knew it would rain overnight but I left it out anyway. Next day that the weather isn't dripping wet, maybe the laundry will dry. I count it as an extra rinsing. It is probably closing in on being dry again.

That line IS my dryer, you see. I don't have an electric or gas clothes dryer. I can't imagine wanting one. In fact, someone recently asked us if we wanted one for free, and it wasn't a piece of junk. But I didn't want it. I don't want to go out and watch the electric meter go round, or pay that bill at the end of the month, or contribute to polution in the world. I've got a rack in the house that will hold a small load and the stoves, when they are going in the winter, will dry a load pretty quickly. And in the summer sometimes one load is dry before the next load is washed. But when it is rainy and I already hung it outside, sometimes it takes a few days for the stuff to get dry.

Husband and I have discussed this idea regarding so many of our Luddite-type inclinations -- how with all today's so-called labor saving devices, people are working more jobs, more hours, taking less vacation, and they wouldn't know leisure if it kicked them in the behind. And yet we, taking the slower road with our hand saws and our solar clothes dryer, have more time, work less, see each other more.

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Bigandmean said...

Your articles are interesting and fun to read. It reminds me of how I grew up in East Texas. Keep up the good work.