Sunday, October 03, 2004

When Eggs Fly

One of my routines is that of letting the chickens out of the coop in the mornings. Usually I’m on my way with the pigs’ morning slop. I take a little corn to throw to the chickens, just a couple handfuls. I open the door, making sure I’m standing behind it when I do, and they fly out. I throw the corn out and they fan out to peck it up. Meanwhile the slop bucket was sat down at the edge of the woods and a cat or two are busily lapping as much milk out of it as they can in the few minutes it is allotted to them.

This morning the routine started as usual but an egg fell out of a chicken in mid-flight! Seriously. Not kidding. She had almost landed, actually, and I saw it fall then roll down the hill. I stepped down to pick it up hoping it was ok. It wasn’t – it was seriously cracked and so went on into the pig bucket. One of my nice green eggs too.

But hey, how many times in a lifetime do you get the chance to see an egg fly?

1 comment:

Echo said...

Very fun.
I live in a city but have two pretty chickens anyway. They are under my window talking quietly every morning, lovely to wake up too. Unfortunately they like to eat their eggs so I rarely catch fresh ones much less see them fly.
Would love to work on your unschooling farm, smell the morning air and wander the quiet nights.