Friday, October 01, 2004

What I've been up to

Well, Monday was the "hang out" homeschool meeting, which I LOVE, just hanging around while the kids play and mom's can TALK. Other adults! And adults that I LIKE! Since it is the end/beginning of the month, I need to get busy on the newsletter that I produce for our group and finish the arrangements for the group activity for this month (which will be a karate demonstration and introduction to self-defense).

Wednesday I did the riding mowing for a neighbor and Thursday we went to finish the job. It looks really nice which they care about.

Mowing for the neighbors paid for the mower that I've used in our garden area some this summer but more in our front pastures. We used the clippings from all mowings extensively in the garden which is a great boost to fertility and a bane to weeds (although there are still plenty of weeds for a jungle since we have such increased fertility!). But for the pastures mowing really put the quietus on the weeds. The pastures are beautiful and thick with grass and clover now, and we have let it grow some here at the end of the season and will use it as "standing hay" for the equines and cow in deep winter. We'll have to throw up an electric fence is all.

The latest batch of chicks hatched, or didn't mostly if you’ve read the last entry. The oldest batch of chicks moved outside and the next batch is ready to as soon as I get the first batch integrated into the coop.

The chickens are having some fun trying to roost in trees so every night when I shut up the coop I first have to search in the trees and knock any stragglers down. I leave the roosters who roost outside to fend for themselves against the owls. I haven't counted them lately but probably should before I add the new ones in.

The kittens are growing and oh so cute.

The kids are still swimming believe it or not.

Husband has been spending some time every evening continuing to clean out the building and making it back into the wood shop which is what our livelihood will depend on once the contract work comes to an end. People seem to think we’re supposed to be stressed out by not having a job but we’re looking forward to it and see it as an opportunity.

We've got more beans to process. I was hoping for more okra than we got -- I need dried pods for a craft I plan to do for the December homeschool meeting so I may have to see if I can buy some at the produce stand. Much needs trimmed and cleaned up -- mowing, mulching, all that jazz.

I probably spend more time writing for this blog than I should but I have really enjoyed doing it. Plus there are all the normal chores. Yesterday as I vacuumed down some cobwebs I wondered, as I always do, whether the cobwebs keep the dust out of circulation or increase the amount of dust available. Besides, cobwebs this time of year are decorative, right? Halloween and all?

Today the older three kids and I went to the national storytelling festival while husband stayed home with the youngest (but no longer a baby). It was fun but oh so tiring! But I'll tell you, if you ever get a chance to see Bil Lepp, Liar, DO. Do not miss him. He's really good. Funny. I'm not a big "storytelling" fan maybe because my uncles were better at it than any of those fools on stage with their over-acting selves. But Bil Lepp, he's good. I should have just followed him around from tent to tent and forgot the rest.

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