Saturday, October 16, 2004

One Legged Duck

Up early this morning and early rising child, 7 years old, fixes her hot cocoa, stands by the woodstove and asks, “Would a one legged duck swim in a circle?”

How do they get to be that brilliant?

Leave them be; they ARE that brilliant and mucking with them is just that. Scope and sequences are made up to protect jobs, not benefit people (kids).

But about that fire, had the first fire of the year Thursday, the 14th. Not bad. This is the weekend of my draft horse auction and husband had another commitment so we’ve been on our own. Neighbor showed up with a Mexican wanting to buy live chickens so we may have broken into that marketing niche. Went to auction: loud, dusty, and I always get tempted to buy something when I know I can’t so I didn’t even get a number to bid with.

I’ve got a couple dreams I’m working on, always to do with horses just like they always have.

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