Tuesday, July 06, 2021


 Catch you up?  Well, today I was coming home from evening chores at the barn and could not see the southern end of the mountain for the cloudburst over it.  Knowing a storm like that usually moves north up the mountain, I stopped the crew heading to the garden when I got home: it ended up not being an electrical storm but you don't want to be caught in the garden in one of those.  I headed for the giant hammock.

And there, in the giant hammock, on my back, I laid and watched the leaves blow and hoped a hickory nut wouldn't hit me on the head and felt the rain drops slowly soak me.

This is heaven.  This right here.  As unfinished, and imperfect, and as difficult as it sometimes is to live with this many adults -- unfinished lets us adapt to a better use today, and imperfect is just good, and difficult just means add effort (or back off) (or both) -- heaven.

There are lots of things that are hell right now.  Work, for one.  Mack died.  That is about all that needs to be said.  The state of the country for another.  While I'm not a Liz Cheney fan, that more Republicans are not acting like she is astounds me, frightens me, angers me, disgusts me.  Probably mostly disgusts me.  Like Christians who fail to live by the Beatitudes, insurrectionists have no clue about the Constitution.  I want nothing to do with either variety of Pharisee. Then there's global warming and people's failing to have any skills or any willingness to live smaller and that might prove catastrophic.  But shit, people won't wear a mask, or take a vaccination, so I guess we just root for the rapture to take the idiots out.

But the garden is good.  Cooperation and teamwork are good.  It isn't Aleppo, at least not yet, at least not here.

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