Saturday, August 18, 2018

what fools these mortals be

I am disappointed in myself.  Or disturbed by myself.  Or something.

Non-violence.  What is it?

I'm pretty sure it is violent to scream in someone's face, "You are going to hell!" especially when I don't believe in hell but she does.

Calling them fools, I'm good with that.  I find it amusing to the point of laughable when bulldog woman says to me, "It will be a terrifying day when you stand before the Lord to answer for this," when "this" is preventing her from harassing women seeking healthcare.  And at least one couple walking in found it supportive when I yelled, "You all go on in!  You're fine!  Don't listen to these fools!  You do what you need to do!  They don't give a shit about you!"

People, go the fuck away.  Believe over in your little corner whatever fantasy you want to if it helps you sleep at night.  If it actually helps you to be a better person, great.  Offer it up.  Offer up any of the support for those things that you want, but a WILLING AUDIENCE is a part of free speech.  And people going in to a health clinic, or me for that matter, are NOT a willing audience.

Truth should also be part of free speech.  That fetus you have labeled as 8 weeks is NOT what an 8 week fetus looks like.  (Not that what it looks like matters but you can't actually tell a human from a lot of other animals at that point, and there are still tails involved.)  Satan is the father of liars and YOU ARE A LIAR.  If person-hood begins at conception, what about the 60% of all fertilized eggs that completely fail to implant?  What was God thinking with that?  All those little babies burning in hell for the glory of God?  Like anybody knows anything about after (or before) life anyway. 

But I'm supposed to be talking about being upset with me, am I not?  Well, maybe I'm not so upset.  They have this fake, "Hey let's talk" thing going when all it is is, "You are wrong and I'm going to tell you about how you are wrong."  I'm saying, "You go be wrong to yourself over there and leave me and these other people out of it already."  Geez, the Crusades were WRONG people.  It is STILL wrong.  You believe in The Great Commission (which wasn't put in there until later but hey, never mind Biblical SCHOLARSHIP), great.  See how you can live so that someone ASKS you about your God.

You believe abortion is WRONG?  But that a crisis pregnancy is a great opportunity to introduce a warped view of Christ to someone?  And that's why you don't want readily available birth control or real and accurate sex education?  Because IF your interest was to continue the decline in the rate and number of abortion, comprehensive sex ed and freer access to contraception is the way to go.

OMG I'm writing this at the library because my laptop lost too many letters and composing on the phone is horrid and I don't want to go home and it is too rainy to ride and. . .

. . . and two women near me on other computers are both homeless, likely addicts, unlikely completely honest in what they were saying but likely as honest as they can be in that moment, and it was just heartbreaking and yet, nope, I did not say, "Ya'll just come on home with me now."  I didn't even offer a fiver because I didn't want to admit I was listening to their too loud for the library conversation.  And I'm like, you know, real people need real help.  Right here.  Right now.  And you are off to Africa or DR or Arkansas or the Women's Health Center?

WTF.  You are going to hell.

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