Sunday, August 12, 2018

doctor your religion is oppressing me

Do you remember a time when you didn't worry about your doctor's politics or whether he was part of some whacky religious cult?  My dad was a pharmacist and everyone knew he went to the Methodist church but it didn't affect his pharmacy-ing any.  The optometrist went to First Baptist; so what?  When the Indian (from India) doctors came, no one worried too much about their religion either, even if turbans and jewels in the faces of the women was . . . interesting.  I still remember when my mother went to her doctor friend's mother's funeral, a Sikh funeral:  She came away saying, "They believe pretty much what we all believe."  Well, not with any depth of understanding they don't and yet, viewed another way, viewed within a "we're all the family of man" paradigm, yes.  Love.  Love wins.  Or as my friend says, "You can never really go far wrong if you choose kindness."

So I have my first doctor's appointment in almost 20 years.  It's TMI but I want an IUD out.  That's been in there for almost 20 years (the last doctor's appointment).  I am able to go to the doctor because I finally qualified to buy insurance in the marktplace.  Thanks Obama.  No thanks state of Tennessee for not expanding Medicaid just so you could thumb your nose at the black President.  I was assigned a primary care physician by the insurance company.  My PCP thinks IUDs cause abortions so his receptionist told me to just ask him for a referral to a GYN and not mention the IUD.  Well, thanks for being helpful receptionist but DON'T YOU SEE A PROBLEM WITH THIS?

I was blissfully unaware that this could even BE a problem until a few years ago when one of our daughters wanted to access birth control.  We made an appointment with the PA at our long time doctor's office, a doctor I dearly loved.  I still love him, I still acknowledge all the help he gave us.  I remember at one time he viewed his job for us as, "I'm your consultant, you are in charge."  Well, somewhere along the way, that changed and that change betrayed his patients.  His PA did not even know about the newer forms of birth control, and it didn't matter because *THEY DON'T PRESCRIBE BIRTH CONTROL* because they think it is all abortifacient.  Face palm.  HELLOOOOOOOOO, you are an internist and pediatrician and you refuse to prescribe BIRTH CONTROL?  Can an ER doctor refuse to provide transfusions because he's that weird religion that doesn't "believe" in them?  I mean, sure, don't use birth control, fine.  BUT YOU ARE A DOCTOR!   The PA kept saying, "Have you looked at the side effects?"  Honey, are you aware of the side effects of PREGNANCY?  She even asked if there was a forthcoming marriage!  Like it would even be ANY of her God Damned Business.

So anyway, I about recover from that trauma, and it was a trauma despite it not actually being me but to lose the doctor who I had so trusted was and still is a trauma.  To even think that I trusted him feels like a mistake.  So I finally get a chance to go to a doctor.  And the doctor the insurance company assigns me to is . . . a member of a cult church that does not believe in birth control, actively works to prevent women having access to healthcare, does not allow women in leadership positions at all, and believes homosexuality is a sin.  This is a church that has actively not allowed people to "leave" and when they did anyway, they were shunned.  This is a cult that people have moved from all over the country to be a part of.  This is a cult where they laugh about drinking kool aid.

All the while the Republicans in government work as hard as they can to make sure that I can't actually access healthcare anymore.

I'm a little stressed about this.  Be nice, hide it all, get what I need?  Or confront the bastard and cause enough of a stink to initiate change?  I am so tired of these religious bigot fake liberty fuckers.

If my language offends you more than the so-called medical system and the actions of these so-called doctors, something is wrong with you.  The language is BECAUSE of the outrage.   What are we doing allowing people like this to be doctors?  What are we doing assigning women to have to go to doctors like this?

UPDATE:  It's kind if a non-issue in that we've figured out at the last minute that we can access the GYN of our choice without a referral so we're cancelling the appt with doctor culto.  But the reality is, it IS an issue.   And the reality is, I'm not through this process yet either.


jules said...

I so agree with you!

Woolysheep said...

What cult is the doctor part of? They sound dangerous.

CG said...

St. Peter Presbyterian in Mendota, VA specifically. But several similar are around and there are lots of rabbit holes to dive deep into. CREC, for example. R. C. Sproul Jr. Doug Wilson. There are "seminaries" founded on this bullshit, multiple ones. No females in leadership. No birth control. Only straight, married, monogamous sex ever. The earth is <6K years old. Dinosaurs were on the ark, which was literal.