Friday, June 29, 2018

Fried Pies

I don't know for sure that I haven't done a "how to" on fried pies before, I didn't go look.  It ain't like it's hard or anything.  But everybody needs fried pies in their life!

So it is really simple and it is really local and it is really cultural evidently.  It is certainly important in my culture.  First make your filling.  Any fruit.  Slightly tart is best.  A little thickened makes for less messy eating.  Today we had cooked apples with breakfast (apples peeled, cored, sliced, cooked with a bit of butter and some sugar, usually brown, how much depending on the apples).  I used what was left of them and added the blueberries we picked on our early foray into the garden.  Cooked up a little, added a little cinnamon because I like it.  *And let it cool.*

The crust is just a biscuit.  You can make them yourself but we usually just use the cheap canned biscuits.  Buttermilk, not flaky and for goodness sakes not butter flavored (with those little butter lumps in there?  I have no idea if they still make those but I tried to use those once a long long time ago and it was a mistake!).  Cheap, little ones, not big ones.  Not frozen ones.  Canned biscuits.
Roll them out on a flowered board to sort of a circle.  Pretty thin.
Spoon some filling into the middle.  Just all in the middle, it'll find its way to where it needs to be.  Probably less filling than you think too.  Fold over and seal.  Pay attention to the sealing.
Then fry them up in a skillet with a little oil.  Probably medium heat.  It doesn't take very long.
Coat with cinnamon sugar.  We make these often enough, and a few other things that require cinnamon sugar, that we keep a mason jar with it premixed in our pantry.  It is just white sugar and cinnamon mixed to taste.  We add to it every batch.  Do this right out of the skillet, white they are still a little oily and hot so it will stick good.
Let the eaters know which plate has the first ones fried on it because they will be cool enough to eat.  And they'll soon be gone.

This process is much helped by having a person for each station: one person trying to do it all will end up with, well, it isn't fun anymore that way.  It's fun to do it together.  Then everyone gets to eat!

Call them turnovers at your own peril.


jules said...

Yum. We'll have to try this. We've been wondering. There is alot of fruit up here.

CG said...

THE way to make pie in the summer when you don't want to heat the house with the oven