Tuesday, July 04, 2017

the Alpha and the Omega and the Alpha

The week before I'd visited with a farrier, a "proud deplorable" with a sticker that said as much on his truck.  He'd offered me one some time before but I'd declined to trade in my Bernie stickers.  But that day he'd asked, "Who do you think will win?"  "No question, Hillary."  And when I said it, I thought, oh fuck, I hope that doesn't come back to bite me.  But surely that many people can not be that stupid? 

Ah yes, but they were.  They were that stupid.  I believe at base they are that racist.  At base he is racist, black nephews or not.  When Ohio fell, I went to bed.  With anxiety.  At about 3 I woke up, pulled up the computer, and saw that my fear was fulfilled.  The next day I'm pretty sure I posted a status something like, "Ya'll have elected Hitler."  When I think about it, I still cannot believe that that many people were that stupid and that mean.

And it was likely that day I started looking in Baker Creek Catalog for seeds.  November or not, we needed a tRump Garden.  I needed a tRump Garden.  I needed to think that there would be something for me to eat when this fool and his mean minions say to me, "Do what I tell you to or you don't eat."  Extreme you think?  Nope.  I've had plenty of people tell me, Go get a job.  Move to go get a job.  Because if you aren't doing work that someone else makes an idle profit on, it doesn't count as work, and if you don't work, you don't eat or get health care or anything else, just die. 

So anyway, I ordered some seeds:  3 kinds of fava beans, some black kale, some daikon radishes.  We planted 9 seeds the first part of December, 9 more toward the last of January, all the rest of them sometime later.

These are the seeds I've saved from those first 18 plants.  We ate a lot from this patch.  I discovered a new way to eat them this year that I like (marinated), and I haven't (yet) eaten any my old favorite way (fried into chips).  Although it is mostly too hot for the blooms to set on beans, there are still some coming on on the rest of the plants.  But the first 18 plants we pulled up and saved these seeds, hopefully make a big patch sow in September maybe, space them out maybe.

In years to come may we remember the Trump fava beans with a bit of whimsey, marking a strange and short-lived dark time but encouraging anyone paying attention to grow food.

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