Monday, April 10, 2017


Persisting through Trump or anything else, although he and his idiocy has certainly given some immediacy to the need.

The original tRump fava beans are blooming
 the original nine
The nine, the next set, and then the next bulk (not up yet)
discern the seed "beds" (gallon water jug size squares of started seeds we transplant from)
 some lettuce, some palm kale, and something just transplanted under tubs to keep the sun off and moisture on
 some spinach, some other stuff, I think the fourth bed down is daikon
 two radishes and some lettuce (the radishes have been replanted)
 Buckets of rabbit manure going on the to be planted strawberry plants. The rabbits, this time of year anyway, can and do eat mostly weeds, and we eat some rabbits, and their manure does this.  To create this much organic material as a vegetarian requires a LOT of space which is why vegetarianism in general, and veganism in particular, is untenable.  Grow food.  Eat your friends.  Because "rescuing" a chipmunk is not a kindness.
 Russian kale.  And rhubarb.
 the strawberry bed, half transplanted
Since the horse is sick this year (will he be rehabbed enough for next year? We just don't know but are giving him more time to see), SIL has let us borrow her tiller and this was first day's work with it.  It will be different this year without the horse, but this winter was different too, not being able to use him to drag up wood.  I hope he stabilizes enough to be useful.

And that is where we are at the moment in the garden.  Grow some food.  No matter who you are.  No matter where you are.  Grow some food.  Use less gas (travel less, stay home).  Be colder in winter, warmer in summer.  Consume less period.  Do more for yourself.  Clean your own toilet, wash your own dishes, cook your own food.  It isn't all or nothing, but it is what is what you value.

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