Monday, December 12, 2016

not having, having

I've had my Muck boots (brand) nearly two years.  I've worn them, I swear,  I'm obviously harder on the right leg than the left leg as that boot is separating, the sole from the upper.  It is still amazingly watertight but if that kept up, it was going to come completely apart.

I meant to clean them out my last series of days off but somehow didn't.  For unknown reasons, I came home yesterday for the afternoon and started doing it.  An AMAZING amount of stuff came out of that little crack between the pieces.  I wore other boots yesterday for evening chores (and for rolling hay to our herd).  And last night they got glued back together.  We're trying E6000 instead of Shoe Goo.  We'll see.  They are tied with baling twine and clamped with bar clamps.

And it is raining.

Guess who is going to have wet feet today?

Isn't that just funny?

There is nothing like wet feet to make you appreciate your Muck boots.  And nothing like not having enough water to make you appreciate having water (rain).  And nothing like not having much hot water to make you appreciate having plenty of hot water.  There is nothing like not having to make you appreciate having.

Now, if you are keeping score, I had a pair of "northern" (or something) lace up insulated rubber boots that we got at the second hand store that were THE BEST and I wore them milking for years.  Then I had wet feet for awhile as I felt I couldn't afford new rubber boots and evidently no one with good ones died and donated them to the Haven.  Finally I got a pair of whatever brand my local feed store carried, knock offs of Mucks.  They were great, lasted good about a year and limped through another year I think.  Then the husband got me this pair of Mucks two Christmases ago.  LOVE.  So I have to say, I think the Mucks are worth it, particularly the heavy duty Mucks.  And dry feet are worth it too.  Hopefully we can limp these along until we get enough money because for right now wet feet come second to hay and tires for the truck.


jules said...

I just got some Mucks, on sale, for the barn, which are great, but not near warm enough. I need more insulated ones for this frigid Northland.

CG said...

They have artic ones. The ones I've had that have lasted so long are wetlands which are rated for all seasons. I got the daughter some "muckmasters" last year that she hasn't complained about.

CG said...

is there not an edit on this thing for "arctic"? Or a spell check? Just 'cause that's how I SAY it . . .

Wendy said...

Yep. It's easy to get complacent and take things for granted ... until they're gone :). That's the mantra of my life. I try to appreciate even those small things - a hot shower, a full wood box, and warm feet.