Friday, March 11, 2016

Holy. With gravy.

I had burdock in my hair, in my braid, and it wouldn't come out until I unbraided.  Don't know quite how I did that.  I'm used to it on the horse's feathers and the metal mane comb quickly takes that out.  He had some in his tail but not deep, thankfully.  I had them on my pants, shirt.  Something sticks you and you know, oh, a burdock hid there.

Garden work started today, our sabbath, which is our family day and most often involves work together of some sort.  It is the day we have, all together.  We keep it a little holy.  With gravy.

"Everyone" included the big horse today.  He was bad.  Last time he was out, he was so good.  We hadn't prepped a lot or more could have been done but then again, this is the start of prep, and everyone has their things they are doing.  I do the horse.  Sometimes other stuff.  But the horse, this horse, does not wait well.  Unless he gets tired.  He did not get tired today.  He is in magnificent shape.  I am so tickled.  Although that rude stuff, well, maybe we'll use him enough this spring that he'll just learn better than that.

Today included fire, burning brush and corn stalks.  Earth and air and fire and water, return return return return.

We always mean to plow in the fall and grow a winter cover crop but we have not yet actually done that.  A cover crop grows anyway so I don't really see what the problem is.  I think there isn't one and we could just get rid of that thinking that we need to do that.  As we walked across that ground dragging limbs and trees and brush in mostly from the ditches and sides of our road (anything over arm sized will be used as sides for beds and the like, anything smaller helped to burn the corn stalks, add nutrients to the corn field), as we walked over that ground, I took note of the various things growing all over it but even more I noticed all the things scurrying all over it, bugs and spiders and who knows what.  But the ground, the earth was moving, actively.  Now that is an alive soil!

So yeah, we worked, we got started, we have plans, some of which might actually come to fruition, some of which have been plans for years.  Some gets done, some doesn't.  Walk and walk and walk and walk.  Get up today and see what gets done.  When one can choose to work in the garden, do.  When one can choose to ride, ride.  When one has opportunities that one thinks one might want, sure, dare.

And we are tired.

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